Which country’s citizens should visit if they’re visiting a country with travel vaccinations

Which country’s citizens should visit if they’re visiting a country with travel vaccinations

WA Government to launch ‘travel vaccinations’ guide for visitors to other countries article The Government has launched a travel vaccination guide for people visiting countries with travel vaccines, to help them decide where to visit and what to expect.

The document, which is to be launched in the next few weeks, is part of the Government’s plan to attract more visitors to Western Australia as part of its efforts to keep up with emerging infectious diseases such as Ebola and Zika.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the document, called the ‘travel vaccination guide’, was being developed by the Department’s Department of Travel Immunisation and Respiratory Care.

The guide, which will be published in the coming weeks, will give visitors the information they need to plan for travel to destinations in other countries and help them choose between vaccines and non-vaccination alternatives, the spokesperson said.

“The guide will be a valuable resource for those visiting countries where travel immunisation is not mandatory, and will also provide information on where to find vaccination information and advice on where possible to find vaccinations.”

It will help travellers to make informed travel decisions.

“Mr Tait said the department had been working with the Australian Public Health Association (APHA) to develop a travel vaccine guide.

APHA chief executive Scott McGreal said the organisation was looking at the new guidance as a “step towards encouraging greater tourism to Western Australian”.”

As the tourism industry continues to grow, we need to make sure we are providing information and support to attract new visitors and stay connected to our neighbours and communities in the regions we travel to,” he said.”

This guide will help provide information that will help people make informed decisions when choosing where to go.

“Mr McGreal also said the Department was working with other government departments to ensure they were fully aware of the importance of vaccine coverage.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the Government had made vaccination mandatory in Western Australia since 2009.

Ms Hennessys department said the information was now available on the WA Health Department website and would be updated as required.

Dr Tom Neeson, chief executive of the WA Institute of Technology Health Services, said vaccinations were becoming a growing issue in Western Australian.

He said vaccinations provided an opportunity for people to “take a break from the daily grind and go to the beach or a cafe” and help protect them from some of the most common respiratory diseases.

But he said the vaccination information should not be used as a blanket, saying it was important for people who were unsure about where to travel to, and were also concerned about what they might encounter at a particular location.

Mr Neesons research into the effectiveness of the new immunisation policy showed there were concerns that vaccinations could be linked to an increase in the spread of coronavirus.

Professor Tom Neeons, who studies the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, said a vaccine was not a panacea.

Topics:travel-health-and-safety,vaccines,diseases-and,dhs,washington-state,australiaContact Melissa PryceMore stories from Western Australia”

(We) should look at this as an opportunity to have a healthy lifestyle, and not be overly concerned about vaccinations,” he told AAP.

Topics:travel-health-and-safety,vaccines,diseases-and,dhs,washington-state,australiaContact Melissa PryceMore stories from Western Australia

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