Which countries are best places to visit this summer?

Which countries are best places to visit this summer?

Travel destinations across Latin America are buzzing with excitement this summer as millions of people flocked to the Americas for the World Cup and Olympics.

Some countries, like the U.S., are already planning on making the most of their time off.

Others, like Costa Rica, are already scrambling to keep up.

Here’s a look at the best destinations to visit in each country this summer.

Argentina Buenos Aires is Argentina’s biggest city and is home to most of the country’s soccer clubs.

But this summer, there will be plenty of football to enjoy.

The nation is planning a series of concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and sporting events this summer to celebrate the start of the World Series.

In the meantime, visitors will be able to take in some of Argentina’s most iconic landmarks, including the city’s iconic Plaza de Mayo, the Copacabana beach, and the National Stadium, which hosts Argentina’s national soccer team.

Brasil Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second-largest city and one of the biggest cities in the world.

The city also hosts many popular soccer clubs, including Santos, FC Porto, and Corinthians.

Brazil is gearing up for the 2019 World Cup with an exhibition of soccer, a concert series, a basketball tournament, and other events.

And while the city is only two hours away from Sao Paulo, the city itself is home only to two major tourist attractions.

Paris Paris is home of the Louvre Museum, the Louboutin Paris Fashion Center, and La Scala Theater.

These three institutions are among the best-known sights in the city, and they make for a great place to catch a show.

In recent years, the French capital has seen a spike in visitors to its museums and attractions, particularly in the past few months.

As of now, visitors to Paris are expected to spend nearly $10 billion in 2019.

Portugal Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, which has seen an influx of tourists and expats in recent years.

The Portuguese capital is also home to the prestigious Palais Royal Palace, where the world’s richest people gather to enjoy some of the worlds most expensive art.

The capital is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project, which is expected to open up a whole new set of attractions, including a concert hall and museums, and will attract even more visitors.

In addition, the Portuguese capital has also seen a significant rise in tourism in recent months.

According to the WorldTour Agency, Portugal has seen 1.6 million international tourists in 2019, up from 0.9 million in 2018.

The number of international tourists has also increased from 0,932,000 in 2019 to 1,742,000 last year.

Mexico Mexico City is home not only to the United States’ famous New World and Old World Festivals, but also to the most popular Mexican-themed festivals and restaurants in Mexico.

On the other hand, the country also has some of Mexico’s most famous attractions, from the Copa America to the Carnival of the Americas.

As a result, Mexico’s tourism industry has seen strong growth in the last few years.

As Mexico continues to host its major sporting events, the number of tourists will increase, as well.

In 2019, the Mexican government is hoping to attract more than 1 million international visitors, an increase of about 30 percent.

It’s a good time to be a tourist in Mexico, too.

Argentina As of today, Argentina is one of Latin America’s biggest tourist destinations.

Argentina hosts the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will bring an estimated 200 million people to the South American nation.

The 2018 Olympic Games, which have already attracted more than 15 million spectators, will be the biggest sporting event in the country since the 1980 Summer Olympics.

In July, the nation hosted the Rio Olympics, a sporting event which is still expected to draw in more than 100 million people, according to the National Tourism Administration.

In fact, the 2016 Summer Olympics were Argentina’s first ever Olympics, and in the years to come, the 2018 World Cup will also be Argentina’s largest sporting event.

Costa Rica Costa Rica has been a popular destination for visitors since the 1990s, when the country was one of its most popular destinations.

As recently as 2000, Costa Rica was ranked as the number one tourist destination in Latin America.

In 2018, the Costa Rican economy suffered the worst recession in the region’s history.

The country has since made significant strides in the tourism sector, which saw a 16.5 percent jump in tourism revenues last year, up 12.6 percent compared to 2017.

Costa Rican Tourism has seen significant growth in recent times, thanks to the success of the tourism industry in Latin American countries like Costa Rico.

In 2017, Costa Rican tourism was valued at $7.4 billion.

And this year, Costa Rico expects to see a 15 percent increase in revenue.

Mexico As of this year’s World Cup games, Mexico is one the countries with the biggest

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