‘The only way to make a difference’ in India: Traveler shares her experience of being a travel blogger

‘The only way to make a difference’ in India: Traveler shares her experience of being a travel blogger

Travellers in India have been posting pictures and stories about the hardships they face on their way home after spending weeks abroad, as part of a global effort to help them get back on their feet.

Rachna Goyal, 26, is a travel writer and blogger in India, where she lives.

Her journey to America has taken her to a country where she has no choice but to travel to find work.

Rashida, a travel journalist from South Africa, spent nearly three months travelling across the US and Canada and has been living off the money she makes as a freelance travel journalist.

“I’ve been here for six months now and I’m going to Canada because I don’t have any other option,” she said.

Rajan, a British expat living in New Zealand, says it’s been a tough time for him and his family.

He has been travelling around the world for the last year and is hoping to get back home to the UK to work.

“It’s a big transition, I’m in a new country and the food is different,” he said.

“And there’s not the same amount of money here, so it’s not easy.”

Rajen, who is from India, has travelled across the country.

“The only time I could go back to India was on my birthday because it was a very important holiday,” he explained.

“Now it’s all gone.”

But not everyone is so lucky.

Jena, a 29-year-old from Australia, has been visiting the US since she left for a job interview at a software company.

Jeni is a self-described “travel blogger” and has spent the past year working on her book “Travel Blogger”.

Jena is travelling from Australia to the US for her job interview.

“This has been really hard, and I’ve been in a really bad situation,” she told ABC News.

“But I’m not complaining, I don ‘t want to go back home and I don’ want to lose my job.”‘

This is not a problem that can be fixed’Travel blogger Jena says the US is the only country she has ever visited.

“You can’t just go back and say, ‘I’m going back’,” she said, adding that the US needs to do more to encourage people to travel.

“They can’t afford to send their kids to school, and they don’t know how to travel,” she added.

“There are so many countries out there that are really expensive.”

If you’re going to travel, then you have to take the time and invest in yourself, in your family, in the country you’re travelling to.

“Jena has spent a year travelling the US, but says it hasn’t been easy.”

A lot of my time in the US was spent working, so you can’t really complain,” she explained.

The US is a “huge, big country”, she said and that makes it difficult to “make a difference”.”

You need to get out and make a change in the way you travel, and if you do, you’ll be rewarded.


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