The most popular travel destinations in Australia: Which are the best for your travel needs?

The most popular travel destinations in Australia: Which are the best for your travel needs?

Posted July 27, 2018 08:20:51 Many travellers find it easier to get around the country by air rather than train.

In fact, the majority of people in Australia’s most popular cities will travel by air, and are likely to spend a lot of time in them.

Here are the top 10 cities to visit by air.

Key points: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane have the highest airfares for tourists, according to travel advice site Expedia Australia.

Cities with the lowest airfare are Hobart and Darwin.

Sydney, Hobart, Darwin and Darwin have the lowest rates of airfaring for tourists.

Sydney has the highest rate of airfare for domestic travellers, while Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane all have lower rates.

Sydney and Melbourne have the largest proportion of domestic travellers aged over 65.

Key facts: Sydney has been ranked number one for the second year running by Expedia, while Melbourne and Perth are in second and third place.

Hobart has been the highest rated Australian city, according for four years running, while Darwin and Perth have been in third and fourth place for five years respectively.

The average cost of air travel in Australia is around $3,500.

The top five cities for airfare in Australia include: Sydney: $3.60 New South Wales: $2.60 Adelaide: $1.50 Hobart: $800 Melbourne: $750 Perth: $700 Brisbane: $500 The five lowest rated cities for domestic airfarers include: Darwin: $400 Adelaide: €600 Hobart €450 Perth: €350 Brisbane: €250 Source: Expedia’s Australian Cities and Travel Guide 2018 – 2018.

For more detailed information on how to book a flight or accommodation, visit or call 1800 671 049.

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