South Sudan’s tourism industry hit hard by the Ebola crisis

South Sudan’s tourism industry hit hard by the Ebola crisis

LONDON — South Sudan has been hit hard this year by the outbreak of Ebola and now faces the prospect of having to pay for travel in the Middle East, a top British tourism official said Friday.

South African tourism officials have told British officials they have been forced to stop selling travel to the region in the wake of the pandemic.

They also have to find other ways to get tourists to the Middle Eastern countries that South Sudan is now trying to visit.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty.

And I think a lot is coming in, because the world is a little bit of a mess right now, and the Middle-East is a bit of the mess, as well,” said Sir Nicholas Smith, the head of South Sudan Tourism.

Smith said the number of British tourists visiting South Sudan has declined by 50% since the outbreak started in March.

In South Sudan, the number in March was about 1.8 million, according to South Sudan tourism agency, SOVA.

British officials have been trying to ease the travel restrictions imposed on South Sudan.

They have asked Sudanese authorities to allow more people from neighboring countries, including Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon, to visit South Sudan for five years, which would allow them to visit Sudan on a tourist visa.

Sir Nicholas Smith said South Sudan would be forced to look to the West for tourists.

We have had the same problems in Jordan, where the tourism industry is in decline.

And then of course we have the Middle Atlantic, where a lot people travel there, and South Sudan wants to go there as well.

So it’s a challenge, but there is a lot we can do to ease that and make it easier for South Sudan to go to the other parts of the world, he said.

The British government has also asked Sudan to open up to the United Nations, which has been pressuring Sudan to release more political prisoners in South Sudan after the country’s parliament was attacked by Islamist extremists in late January.

But the United States and its allies have also stepped up pressure on Sudan to reopen the prison, saying it violates international law.

At the same time, British officials say they have had a number of positive conversations with the South Sudanese government about the need to help South Sudan in the fight against the pandemics, such as offering more assistance to the army, police, and health officials.

On Thursday, a British government delegation met with South Sudan officials to discuss ways to help ease travel restrictions.

Last week, the South African government announced that it would open up more tourist visas to South Africa and other nations in the region.

The United Kingdom, however, has asked Sudan’s government to close the border crossings between South Sudan and its neighbor.

Britain’s tourism minister, Matt Hancock, said the UK is looking at the possibility of opening a new tourist visa office in Sudan.

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