How to travel to Ibiza in 2019: An infographic from Ibiza Travel

How to travel to Ibiza in 2019: An infographic from Ibiza Travel

Ibiza, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, has become a popular vacation destination for Americans, with more than half of Americans visiting the Caribbean island annually.

But the popular resort has also become a hotbed of anti-Trump protests, with anti-government demonstrations occurring regularly.

Here are five ways to make it on Ibiza this year:Bubbling along a riverbank is a surreal experience that has been happening on Ibisa since early August.

People who were in the area for the inauguration protests were arrested and taken to jail.

The country’s Interior Minister, Eduardo Medina, was also arrested.

Medina and his fellow deputies were accused of participating in a mass riot that took place at a police station, a claim denied by the interior ministry.

“It’s really hard to get out of jail, it’s not that easy.

You have to spend hours in a prison cell, you can’t leave the house.

You’re locked up,” said Jose Lopez, a 27-year-old protester who is currently in jail awaiting trial.”

We’re here to make our voices heard, but to be able to do that we have to have a way out,” Lopez added.

“This is a dictatorship and the dictatorship has to be stopped.”

Some residents who have been detained for the past month are still in jail.

“I’m not going to let the situation go on,” said Francisco Martinez, a 34-year old protester.

“They want to take my son, they want to kill him, and I’m going to defend him.”

Martinez has been in jail for over two months.

He and other residents are being held at the Ibiza Airport in Barcelona, Spain.

The airport has refused to release them to them, though, as they have not yet been charged with a crime.

A small crowd of protesters gather on a bridge near Ibiza.

The protesters are calling for a “political amnesty” for protesters who were detained and jailed.

They’re also holding protests in other cities around the country, including San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Miami, and more.

The protesters say that they are not being treated as prisoners, but instead as political prisoners.

“This is the moment when Ibiza is a sanctuary, a safe space for us,” said Maria Vila, a 22-year law student from Spain.

“We want to be safe here.”

Vila and other protesters said that they feel unsafe on the island.

The government of Spain, which was forced to ban all social media in May after the anti-protest protests, has been very accommodating.

Spanish media reports said that authorities have allowed access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media accounts, and that they have opened more hotels in the capital to accommodate the protesters.

In Barcelona, many demonstrators are planning to continue their protests in Ibiza’s central district.

They’re planning to hold a large march in the city center on Saturday, the day after Trump’s inauguration.

“Trump has done more damage to Ibizas democracy than any other person since the coup d’etat in 1989,” the Ibizan People’s Council said in a statement.

“A political amnesty is necessary to ensure the peaceful transfer of power and prevent the return of dictators to power.”

The country’s police force is on alert as well, and is reportedly preparing to disperse crowds that have been planning to march.

The government also recently said that it will consider a crackdown on protesters who remain on the islands.

The Interior Ministry has said that the protesters have not violated any laws, but that the Interior Ministry is currently conducting a legal investigation into the alleged crimes committed.

“The Interior Minister has decided to suspend the use of the name Ibiza,” the Interior Minister Jose Luis Martinez said in an official statement.

Martinez added that the protest movement in Ibizhas “cannot be tolerated,” and called on other protesters to respect the law.

“The government is trying to silence this peaceful movement,” he said.

“You cannot ignore the law, and you cannot use it as an excuse to attack other people,” he added.

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