How to get around Europe without leaving the Middle East

How to get around Europe without leaving the Middle East

Travelers heading to the Middle Eastern world are facing some tricky problems.

Many countries have imposed restrictions, and some have imposed travel bans.

How can you travel between them?

Here are the most important things to know about the region.


Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has imposed travel restrictions for people who want to go to Israel and Palestine.

Saudi media outlets are reporting that people who visit Saudi Arabia will face restrictions, including from entering Israel and visiting Palestinian territories.


Bahrain People visiting Bahrain will be prevented from entering the kingdom, including the capital, Manama.

The Bahraini Foreign Ministry says that citizens visiting Bahrain should be aware of the restrictions imposed by Saudi authorities, as well as restrictions imposed elsewhere in the kingdom.


Qatar People visiting Qatar will be able to enter the country for the first time if they have a visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Foreign Ministry has said that Qatar is in contact with the UAE and is “considering all possible measures to safeguard the safety and security of our citizens.”


Israel The Foreign Minister’s office in Israel announced Friday that anyone wishing to visit Israel for business will be allowed to enter if they meet specific requirements, including a business visa.

The decision is similar to a decision issued by Iran earlier this month, which allowed citizens of Israel to visit the Jewish state.


Jordan Jordanian citizens will be banned from entering Qatar.

The Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday that citizens of Jordan will be barred from entering Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as they are currently not allowed to visit each other.


United Arab Emirates Dubai residents will be blocked from entering United Arab Emirates territory.

According to the UAE government, Dubai residents who have a Dubai residency card will be subject to a 90-day travel ban.


Bahrain Residents of Bahrain will have to return to Bahrain if they wish to visit Oman.

The UAE Ministry of the Interior said that citizens who are visiting Bahrain must pass a security check.


Jordan Residents of Jordan who have their residency card revoked will be denied entry to the Kingdom of Jordan, as it is “not a state of the UAE,” according to the Ministry.


Saudi Arabians Residents of Saudi Arabia who are in Saudi Arabia for business, including for tourism, will be permitted to enter Qatar, the ministry said.

The kingdom also said that people from Saudi Arabia are “allowed to visit any other part of the country.”


United Kingdom British citizens living in the United Kingdom will be unable to visit Bahrain, as the country “is not a state, and its citizens cannot enter or leave the country,” according the Foreign Office.

The government said it will review the “travel restrictions” and the “banning of certain travel.”


United States The US State Department said Friday that American citizens will not be able visit Bahrain unless they have been approved for an entry visa, a request that was denied by the UAE.

The US embassy in Bahrain issued a statement Friday afternoon saying it had received the UAE’s request and would consider the matter.


India India has banned foreign nationals from visiting its borders and airspace for the rest of the month, but a temporary ban has been in place since Monday.

India’s foreign ministry said Friday it would not allow any entry of Indian nationals to Bahrain.

The statement was issued on behalf of the Ministry for External Affairs.


Turkey Turkey’s foreign minister said Friday he expects “to see more and more restrictions imposed in the coming days and weeks in order to ensure the safety of our people,” according a statement from his office.


Saudi Arabian and Israeli nationals will be deported if they enter the kingdom or Israel, according to a statement issued by Saudi Arabia’s foreign intelligence agency.

Saudi authorities say the citizens of Saudi and Israeli countries are barred from visiting each other, as both countries are deemed “hostile states” under international law.


Ukraine Ukrainian officials say they are still waiting for a ruling from the Russian Foreign Ministry, and the country’s Interior Ministry has not yet issued a decision on the matter, according the Interfax news agency.


Belarus Belarus has announced it is taking a similar approach to its neighbor, announcing that it will allow Ukrainian citizens to enter its territory, as long as they have permission from Belarusian authorities.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told the Interpress news agency that he would continue to work with Belarusian officials to establish a legal framework for Ukrainian citizens.


Canada Canadian officials said Friday they have not decided yet whether to deport Ukrainian citizens who enter Canada.

The federal government said that it is aware of “concerns about the Ukrainian citizens” in Canada.


Greece Greek officials said they will begin “the process of transferring [Ukraine’s] citizens to the other countries in the European Union” as of Feb. 17, a day before the deadline to apply for asylum in the country.

The Greek government said on Thursday it would take into account all options

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