How to buy and sell Fiji passports in Australia

How to buy and sell Fiji passports in Australia

Fijians can buy their own passports from the country’s passport office, a journey to be undertaken by all citizens in Australia.

The passports are issued by a company called International Flights, which is owned by the Fiji government and can be purchased at its offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.

The company’s website lists the cost of a passport and provides a handy guide to buying and selling passports.

Buyer Beware: Beware of online sellers A number of online companies that sell passports to Australians have been linked to the scamming of the country.

The scammer will send a buyer a message claiming to be from International Flings, and the buyer should pay a fee to secure their passports.

The buyer then has to travel to Fiji to obtain their passports, where the fraudster will use the fraud to pay the Australian government back.

If the buyer does not make the required payment, the fraudsters will contact them again and try again.

This is not the first time fraudsters have tried to exploit the system.

In 2016, a scammer paid $2,000 for the purchase of passports for Australians who had already purchased Australian passports and were planning to travel overseas.

The Australian Federal Police said it was investigating the case.

It’s not illegal to buy Australian passports, and there are no penalties for fraudsters who attempt to scam Australians.

The fraudsters do not have to pay a commission, but a small fee to the Australian Government will be deducted from the price of the passports.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop said she was confident the government would be able to track down the criminals and recover the funds.

The Government will have to take action to protect Australia’s borders, and we have to ensure that Australians are able to travel freely and securely to and from Fiji.

This will not be an easy task, but we will take swift action to do it.

It is important that we continue to invest in our borders and protect our citizens from potential criminals.

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