Europe’s worst travel news

Europe’s worst travel news

Europe’s travel experts have warned that the global economic crisis has made travel harder than ever before.

The International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday that the eurozone has experienced the worst downturn in the world since the financial crisis of 2008.

The world’s economies are still growing, but inflation is still above 5 percent.

The IMF warned that many people are losing their jobs and that the recession could last for a long time.

The economic turmoil has affected travel around the world, and has led to more travel restrictions and a crackdown on online travel.

European airlines have had to increase ticket prices to keep up with the demand, and some airlines have also cancelled flights.

The European Commission said on Monday that there were still some 1.4 million cancellations for EU-based flights this year.

The airlines’ latest fare increases are set to last until April 20.

However, the European Commission warned that they are still working hard to increase passenger numbers, and said it expects the number of cancellations to continue to decline over the coming months.

“As a result, the airlines are committed to achieving their goal of increasing passenger numbers to maintain and improve their profitability and profitability over the medium term,” the EU commission said.

“It is our firm belief that the airline industry will be able to achieve this through a combination of continued improvement in passenger numbers and by providing improved service and equipment, in a way that allows us to continue as a member of the European Union.”

The European Union has imposed a total of 14 travel bans in addition to restrictions on travel for tourism, health and social activities.

The EU is expected to impose another 12 travel bans later this month.

The measures come as some countries across the EU are tightening their travel restrictions to deal with the economic downturn.

The United Kingdom has banned people from leaving the country until it can restore confidence in its economy.

Germany has also increased its travel restrictions.

Other countries have been hit by a slowdown in China, and are restricting travel.

Italy and Portugal, two of the EU’s top five markets, are both looking to bolster their economies in the face of the economic crisis.

However Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Wednesday that he is hopeful that the crisis can be resolved, saying that he believes the EU can work together.

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