Doha Airlines says no tickets for trip to Paris due to Hurricane Harvey

Doha Airlines says no tickets for trip to Paris due to Hurricane Harvey

The first Gulfstreams flew back from Paris with an unexpected arrival on Wednesday, as a powerful hurricane swept through the United States.

Delta Air Lines said it had no flights booked for Thursday or Friday.

Delta’s head of global operations, Tom Fuhrman, said the airline had cancelled flights to Doha because of the hurricane.

Fuhrmann told reporters on a conference call that Delta had not decided when or where the planes would be grounded.

He said that, as of 11:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday evening, there were no cancellations or cancellations for the remainder of the week.

Fuhbman said that in addition to the airline’s flight to Dohar, Delta also had to make an emergency landing in Doha due to the flooding, and it had to cancel all other flights to the United Arab Emirates.

Fahrman said Delta had received reports of flooding in the area.

The airline has already canceled two flights from New York to Duhar, and Fuhbmans decision to cancel flights was based on the fact that the storm was already a hurricane, he said.

“We have to make decisions about how we manage those things, but we are making decisions about our operations,” he said, adding that he had not made any decision about how Delta would handle its flights.

I am going to be very careful in how I manage my business and how we allocate resources,” he told reporters.

Delta said that the airport where the flights were to take off would not be open during the hurricane, and that flights would be diverted to other airports in the region.

According to the Associated Press, Fuhrer said the storm is expected to remain in the Gulf of Mexico through Thursday.

This is the fourth time in a year that the airline has been hit by Hurricane Harvey, which has left more than two dozen dead and more than 400,000 people without power.

In the past, airlines have been unable to fly to Duaa because of severe weather.

Last week, Delta canceled flights to Dubai due to flooding.

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