Cyprus’s Cypriot tourism agency has a new website that includes information on holiday packages, travel advice and more

Cyprus’s Cypriot tourism agency has a new website that includes information on holiday packages, travel advice and more

CYPRUS (Reuters) – Cypriots’ tourism agency, the Cyprios, has unveiled a new travel information website that allows users to search for information on flights, hotels and other travel options and has also updated its website to provide information on Cyprus’s most popular holiday destinations.

Cyprus is on track to be the first European country to launch its own travel website in a move that will allow visitors to book flights, get hotel reservations and see how long it takes to reach destinations.

Its website, CyprioTravel, is one of several new travel websites launched by Cypriotes’ tourism department over the past three years.

Cyprios has been using its website, which has been available for a year, to collect information on hotels, flights, holidays, accommodation and other destinations.

Users can search for specific dates or times for specific hotels, and also check out information on how long the trip takes and whether there are other options.

Cycles travel information also has an information section where users can read travel advice, as well as get information on restaurants, shops and other local attractions.

Cyones travel department said on Monday that it would also launch its website by the end of the year.

The new site is based on the Cyprus Travel Information Platform (CTIP), which was launched in 2015 and is currently used by more than 4 million people.

The agency has launched the new site in a bid to attract more tourists to Cyprus.

It also aims to make Cyprioters more aware of the tourism industry in the island, which accounts for 10 percent of the island’s GDP.

Cyrios said the website would help to increase tourism by providing information about holidays, hotels, accommodation, food and other related services.

CyPrios has also been working with its European partners to introduce the new website to their countries.

The website was launched on Monday by Cyrios, Tourism Minister Christos Stathakis and the Tourism Minister, Maria Palomaki.

Cy Prios is a government agency with the aim of promoting tourism to Cypriote regions and regions across the European Union, and to attract tourists.

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