Top 10 Tam Dao check-in location - hunting for clouds and chilling at high altitude

2023 June 07

Tam Dao is a district of Vinh Phuc province with a terrain running along the Tam Dao mountain range at an altitude of 1,300 meters, creating a refreshingly cool atmosphere. With the blessings of nature and the local residents' contributions, Tam Dao has captured the attention of travel enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate the mountainous environment.

When visiting the check-in spots in Tam Dao, you not only capture unique and fantastic moments up high but also have the opportunity to combine cloud hunting and chilling in the peaceful ambiance of the mountains and forests. Such a distinctive destination is eagerly awaiting your visit, so why wait any longer? Let's plan a trip right away, shall we?

1 Cloud Bridge Studio

It can be said that Cau May Studio is a check-in paradise for those who visit Tam Dao. The scenes resemble fairylands or flower fields reminiscent of Da Lat. Whether it's the suspended bridges high above with drifting clouds or other captivating settings, they will undoubtedly fill your camera with stunning photos.

Being regarded as a must-visit check-in spot in Tam Dao, you can rest assured about the quality inside. And it's important to remember to prepare beautiful outfits that match this romantic setting. The most prominent attractions at this location include the stone church, the square, the silver waterfall, the sky gate, and the seven-color rainbow house...

location and ticket prices: 

  • Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc province.
  • Ticket Price: 2$


2 Stone church

A unique architectural structure that has made it onto the list of popular check-in spots in Tam Dao, attracting many tourists, is the Stone Church of Tam Dao. This place is not only a spiritual tourism destination but also plays a significant role in the spiritual life of the local community, serving as a testament to the passage of time.

Built since 1906 and weathering various historical ups and downs, the stone church still exudes a sense of ancient beauty and carries a distinct Western architectural style. When checking in here, you will immediately enjoy a view reminiscent of Europe.

  • Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc province.
  • Ticket Price: free

3 Xa Huong Lake

If you have been collecting natural backgrounds for your photo album, a pristine lake is the missing element. And you can rest assured because there is a check-in spot in Tam Dao that fulfills this missing part. Xa Huong Lake possesses a serene and crystal-clear beauty, making it a popular choice among travelers as a place to pause and chill.

Originally built as a water storage facility for agricultural irrigation, over time Xa Huong Lake has become an essential check-in destination in Tam Dao. Additionally, you can also explore camping services at the lake to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of this place.

  • Minh Quang commune, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province.
  • Ticket Price: free

4 Tam Dao square

The quickest way to advertise that you are in a beautiful place like Tam Dao is to check-in right at the town square. The centrally designed square, featuring the animated-style Tam Dao lettering, will surely bring you joy.

If you have visited Sapa before, you will notice a familiar touch when you arrive at Tam Dao Square. The center is designed with an arched structure, and in the middle, there is a three-tiered fountain that creates a beautiful display. You can spend a few minutes sitting on the steps, admiring the scenery where the mountains and sky meet, and breathing in the fresh air.

  • Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc province.
  • Ticket Price: free

5 Thuong Ngan Temple

Combining a journey to explore check-in spots in Tam Dao with spiritual activities will create a truly special and meaningful experience. Located over 25 km from the provincial center of Vinh Phuc, the Thượng Ngàn Lady Temple is one of the captivating spiritual destinations for international travelers in Tam Dao.

Amidst the dense forests, blending with the Western-influenced architectural structures left by the French during the early 20th century when they built resorts in Tam Dao, there still stands a temple that encapsulates the essence of Vietnamese culture. That is the Thượng Ngàn Lady Temple. This temple not only plays an important role in the spiritual and cultural life of the local community but also attracts visitors due to its unique landscapes and fascinating legends.

After conquering the 300 stone steps hidden within the bamboo forest, you will not only hear the rustling sounds of leaves but also the lively melodies of birds harmonizing with nature.


If you want to experience the feeling of cloud hunting once in your lifetime, then come to Tam Dao around November to January. When hunting for clouds during this time, remember to prepare warm clothing. Alternatively, you can visit the check-in spots in Tam Dao at any time of the year because it always presents its best beauty to welcome you.

In terms of transportation, you can reach Tam Dao by motorbike, bus, or other personal vehicles. If you are coming from a distant location, you can purchase plane tickets to Hanoi, train tickets, or bus tickets to Hanoi and arrange for a shuttle service to Tam Dao.

In conclusion, if you are a hardcore fan of mountain and forest spirits, make sure to keep in mind the check-in spots in Tam Dao shared here. Rest assured, what you will experience will be much more amazing.

Author: Nam Do