Antarctica has the cheapest airfare in the world

Antarctica has the cheapest airfare in the world

Antarctica is the cheapest continent in the western hemisphere, according to the latest analysis by travel agency Travelocity.

Antarctica is one of seven continents on the continent of Antarctica, which is a land mass measuring around 8,800sq km and lies in the Southern Ocean.

It is also the cheapest in the eastern hemisphere, with flights to and from Antarctica costing $6.10 to $8.60 per person, while flights to or from South Africa cost about $15.

The study compared the cost of a round-trip ticket between Australia, the US, New Zealand and Antarctica for a single person to New Zealand for $11.40.

It also found the cheapest flight was to Sydney for $14.00.

“The average price of airfare from the US to Antarctica is $9.30 per person.

This is cheaper than New Zealand which has a similar airfare to Antarctica, but the price of a return flight from New Zealand to Antarctica has decreased in recent years due to rising fuel costs,” said the company’s director of global travel, Scott Brierley.”

Our data suggests that the cheapest way to travel from Australia to Antarctica from Australia is to take a round trip, however this is a long flight and you may need to bring a small dog for safety reasons.”

Mr Brierles travel agency says people can book a single flight to Antarctica for as little as $4.40 per person and as many as five flights to Antarctica.

“Antarctic travel is still one of the most expensive travel options in the Western Hemisphere,” Mr Brierleys chief travel officer, Tim Lillis, said.

“It’s not just because of fuel costs, but also the fact that people want to explore Antarctica.

You can’t travel the continent by car.”

It’s the cheapest place to visitAntaracasts flights are cheap and you can get a roundtrip ticket for as low as $11 to $12 per person on flights to Australia and $15 to $18 per person to Antarctica.

“The cheapest ticket to Antarctica would be to fly from Australia or New Zealand by boat, but this is also not ideal because of the low fuel costs.

Auckland, the capital city of New Zealand, was the cheapest to visit Antarctica for one person, with a round flight from Auckland to Antarctica cost $13.50.

The cheapest flight to or out of Antarctica was from Cape Town, South Africa, at $22.50 per person from a single seat on a single chartered flight.”

If you’re looking for a place to live in Antarctica, Cape Town is the place to go,” Mr Lillies said.

The most expensive trip would be from Johannesburg, South African capital city Pretoria, which was the most affordable to visit for one passenger at $25 per person in a round ticket.

It would cost $32.50 to travel by train from or out and back from Cape May, South Australia, to the Southern Hemisphere.”

There’s a huge difference in fuel costs between these two places,” Mr Hirsch said.

Mr Hirsch’s research was funded by the National Antarctic Research Council (NAARC).

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