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Travel apps for Vietnam travel

apple-iphone-3gs_1 Travel apps for Vietnam travel Smart phones can be one of the best traveling tools to have in you pocket while you are abroad. To boost the power of your iPhone or Android here are some apps that Footprint Vietnam travel has found that you might want to check out.

1. Kayak travel app: a great way to check and find flight, hotel and car rental information and deals. As well, it has a helpful travel itinerary function to help keep your travels organized.

2. World Nomads Vietnamese Language Guide: having a few words and phrases goes a long way in Vietnam. World Nomads has developed a phone app as well as a podcast for downloading.

3. Getting a Vietnam Map app is always helpful. These maps have been developed for Vietnam specifically and are worth checking out.

4. has some of the best deals for hotels anywhere in the World. Footprint doesn’t mind passing on this tip to fellow travellers because some of the deals on the site are just that good.  Check out the Agoda app for more details.

5. A packing app to help you stay organized before you venture out can be helpful, and reducing the stresses of packing! Here is one for iPhone.

6. For all travellers, especially cyclists, walkers, ramblers, etc., we suggest downloading one of the Map My Tracks apps; which do just that map your tracks in virtually every way you could think of (time, distance, elevation…). Both android and iPhone have them. We have personally tested them on our longer cycling trips and they work great!

7. These days, some phones are coming with a carbon calculator, and there are many out there for use online or for your computer. We have not found one yet that truly suites our travel needs, but we will keep looking for one to share with you! Keeping track of your personal CO2 emissions while you travel gives you reason to make better travel choices at the destinations you visit.

And, for staying connected (cheaply) we suggest downloading Twitter and Skype apps!

By the way, getting 3G in Vietnam is as simple as going to get a Vietnam SIM card. You will just need to have your phone unlocked before coming to Vietnam for the SIM cards to work. The pay-as-you-go rates that everyone uses here are extremely cheap!

Safe and happy travels!

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