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Travel tips: Notices when we go swimming in the beach.

Normally, everyone has a thought that Whitecaps /waves white with foam is dangerous, but actually it’s is the safe place to swim in the beach. Because the area appear whitecaps must be near the coast and when you swim it will push you in.


Look at the pictures, the part we mark in the picture is absolutely is dangerous area to swim. The calm part will take you off the coastline.

But do not worry, the first thing in this emergency is calming down and do not try to swim back.

For swimmer, we could swim parallel to the coast and join to the whitecaps right when you catch it.

For the people who cannot swim or not good at this, just raise your hand up as a signal, calm down and do not waste your energy, keep your stamina until someone come to save you.

We hope this tip could be useful for you who love travelling especially marine travel

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