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The Kitchen Gods going to heaven

ong-tao-cuoi-ca-chep-ve-troi The Kitchen Gods going to heavenIn Vietnamese culture, the Vietnamese New Year (Tết) is a time to make a new start. Children get Red envelopes with money inside, known as “lỳ-xì” in Vietnamese, as gifts for good luck in the coming. Vietnamese families prepare their houses for the coming of a prosperous new year by cleaning up and polishing their silver. .There is a popular belief in Vietnam that Tao Quan, the Three Kitchen Gods, are present in the kitchen of every home. These gods observe everything that takes place there.

Every year, on 23rd day of 12th month in Lunar Year calendar (in 2012, it is the February 03 on the western calendar); these Gods go for a meeting in heaven and report what people had done in the past year. Vietnamese people celebrate on this day. In the ceremony, the offering include a carp ship which is their transport, and 3 sets of traditional official paper dress hats, long dresses and shoes but no pants. This is because in the fire, their pants were burnt off.” As Tet draws near, Vietnamese people are buying items to prepare to send the Kitchen God (Ông Táo) on his way to heaven. Vietnamese also buy carp to release in nearby lakes and rivers. This is a symbolic act as the Kitchen God is said to ride a carp to heaven.

ong-tao1 The Kitchen Gods going to heaven

giaothua2 The Kitchen Gods going to heaven

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