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Ho Chi Minh sites throughout Vietnam: Experiencing Vietnam’s history

22 Ho Chi Minh sites throughout Vietnam: Experiencing Vietnams historyOne cannot go anywhere in Vietnam without seeing the image or feeling the influence of the great president Ho Chi Minh. It is remarkable and astounding. Learning about this great man will become an integral part of your Vietnamese journey. The historical sites linked to Uncle Ho include some of the most visited destinations, as well as some very unique locations.

To start, both Hanoi and Saigon have museums dedicated to the life and work of Ho Chi Minh. In Saigon, go to Nha Rong; and, in Hanoi, visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum near Ba Dinh square, as well as the Hanoi History Museum. In Hanoi’s Old Quarter, on 48 Hang Ngang, one can also visit a temporary home and meeting place of Ho Chi Minh.

Nam Dan village, in Vinh province, is where Ho Chi Minh grew up as an extremely intelligent student and young revolutionist. The stories about a young Ho paint a picture of a boy who was bound for adventure. A visit to his home and countryside is well worth the trip.

The northern province of Cao Bang is home to the infamous Pac Bo cave. After travelling the world and studying abroad, this is where Ho Chi Minh stayed many seasons to plan and prepare for Vietnam’s revolutionary course. The local landscape has been named after Ho Chi Minh’s mentors, Marx and Lenin, by Ho Chi Minh himself.

Finally, Ba Dinh square is the site of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, museum, and President’s Palace. This special place is alive with local Hanoi-energy in the early mornings and evenings, and a place for rememberance in the day. The square itself is perhaps the single most important site in all of Vietnam. It is the site where the Declaration of Independence was addressed by President Ho Chi Minh on September 2, 1945. It was on that day that his legacy was proclaimed; one that will live on forever.

Some of these sites are easily visited on your own (Ba Dinh square, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Nha Rong in Saigon), some are not (Nam Dan village, Pac Bo cave). Nevertheless, Footprint Vietnam Travel will be proud to take you to these special places which mark our nation’s path to independence.

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