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World’s Largest Solar Powered Hospital

solar-hospital-haiti World’s Largest Solar Powered Hospital

A life changing new design 30 miles north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti has been completed as a result of a charitable arrangement between over 150 organisations including the American Red Cross, Artists for Haiti and the GE Foundation. Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) is a 205,000 sq ft, 300-bed facility that runs entirely on energy generated from 1,800 rooftop solar panels. Even before the complex officially opened, the German-supplied solar panels reportedly produced 139 megawatt hours of electricity – that’s enough to charge 22 million smart phones and offset 72 tons of coal. On average, Haiti’s Mirebalais region experiences about three hours of power outage each day, a hole that’s easily patched by sun power. The new panels draw on the strongHaitian sunlight to create energy for the hospital and any excess generated will be used for sterilization facilities, digital radiography, and the hospitals six operating rooms. And any further surplus electricity will be funnelled back into Haiti’s national grid, a testament to the design to create a sustainable system for survival. Once the 300-bed hospital is fully operational, the facility will see as many as 500 patients every day in its ambulatory clinics.

Footprints highly appreciated these kinds of supporting for world environment. We should be change together!

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