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Recycle (HoaBinh-MocChau) – Footprint Annual Event 2013 – August 24th & 25th

Over our 12 years of business, Footprint has always been the leading tour operator doing our utmost on responsible  travel where our important concept is to leave more positive impacts than just our footprints.


ReCycle is our annual event that aim to promote this concept, it’s a time to meet together our professionals such as travel consultants, tour operators, tour guides, partners, who share the same passion on responsible tourism.

The event is to cycle, recycle, support and to brainstorm on how to do better responsible travel at Footprint and for Vietnam in general.

This year’s venue of our ReCycle is a two-day-one-night trip to Hoa Binh and Moc Chau where participants can enjoy cycling, doing community work, picking up trash, sleep in the house­on­stilts by the lake, games… it’s a trip to have fun, to help, to support and to network among the responsible tourism stakeholders such as tour operators, tour guide, managers from Footprint and friends in the tourism industry. Independent travelers may join us but please note that seats are limited and based on first come first serve.

Click here for participation & details of itinerary.

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