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Footprint’s First Annual ReCYCLE Event

Recycle-Footprint-Event-300x179 Footprints First Annual ReCYCLE Event The first ever annual ReCYCLE event by Footprint is tomorrow. That means that all the Footprinters have gone to bed early so that they are well rested for the physically challenging race tomorrow.

The event will see the participant racing on their bikes while recycling. The event will promoteĀ responsible travel, cycling, clean communities, recycling, reusing, and reducing. The event will also support the communities while at the same time having fun.

Although, tomorrow’s event is being slated as a test run, a major ReCYCLE event is being planned for May. Everyone is welcome! For more information and sign-up and registration (in April) you can email us at recycle(@) The May event will require a 2 day commitment and a minimal fee – event is limited to 40 persons.

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