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Footprint Vietnam Travel joins in with an Earth Hour Challenge

As Vietnam’s leading responsible tourism operator, the Footprint Vietnam Travel team decided to make a collective effort to come up with an I Will If You Will (IWIYW) challenge. The social phenomena has seen several YouTube videos being posted on the WWF website as well as YouTube. The IWIYW campaign has been designed to encourage each other, well, to: encourage each other!

The team at Footprint Vietnam has decided to challenge themselves to enhance their green office activities. The owners, Son and Thanh, have made pledges to ensure that the power is always turned off in the evening, and to continue cycling to work. The travel consultants, Tra, Hien, Hoa, and Hanna, have committed to planting a vegetable garden, using reusable bags, not using the air conditioner, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The Footprint accountants and IT staff, Hanh, Anh, and Tam have said that they will use a reusable cup at work, reduce their paper usage and take local transportation. Even, Manh, Footprint’s driver has made a promise to turn off the engine anytime he has to wait for his guests!

Footprint is very proud to be taking these initiatives, however they have challenged their friends, partners, and fellow travellers to stop using the wasteful hotel amenities that are provided in hotel bathrooms!

If you are in Hanoi for this year’s Earth Hour, we hope to see you at the Opera House!

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