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From Earth Hour to Earth Life at Footprint Travel

Picture1-300x224 From Earth Hour to Earth Life at Footprint Travel

Born to travel responsibly, Footprint team is not only committed to take you travel responsibly but also committed to our daily life activities to support climate change – which is an important issue everyone should hear at least one before.

Footprint implements the green office initiative in 2010, which we now save about 750KW electricity per month and 25M3 of water monthly which is equal to 25,000 little. More than that we can save huge numbers of trees from our printing activity that we print on both sides of the paper.

The efforts are made at our offices as well as on everyone’s daily life actions – our managing director Son, who is going to work by bicycle at least and the rest of his time is travelling by a very small motorcycle – Honda 67, from which he saves about 30 little of gas per week.

photo-2-300x224 From Earth Hour to Earth Life at Footprint Travel

Hoa – one of our travel consultants has used less plastic bags for 3 years now, since we started our green office campaign “I personally save about 60 plastic bags per month, which I had used them before and now it’s becoming my habit that I often use my recycle bag given by Footprint for different type of shopping” Hoa happily shared.

Tra’s family has a big garden that the left empty before, she started planting organic vegetables to feed the family for years now, she said “we do not use any chemical fertiliser for our plants, all what we do is to follow the organic planting technique that our vegetable grow so good, I’m happy with it as we can eat clean as well as doing green and supporting the environment”.

photo-300x224 From Earth Hour to Earth Life at Footprint Travel

There are countless efforts from our team that could take pages to tell, we are happy to do it and will keep doing it better which we believe can surely contribute to the greener planet – our mother earth.

Footprint team.

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