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Coconut rice is Ben Tre classic

c1187_03159-images468603-dua3--copy-_200 Coconut rice is Ben Tre classic The coconut tree has become the symbol of the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre. Therefore, indigenous dishes from the province often bear the sweetness and flavor of its specialty such as coconut candy, coconut leave cake, coconut sweet soup, steamed fish with coconut water and fried mushroom with coconut.

To make the coconut rice is simple. Peel off the cover and extract the water. After washing the rice through, put it together with coconut water, then cook it until the rice is done.

Fresh shrimps bought from the market must be cleaned; their heads and tails cut off and then put in a pot with coconut extract, put it on a small fire and add main spices. The dish will be done when the shrimps turn red and the flavor overwhelms the kitchen.

Source: saigontimes

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