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Tho Ha – One of the traditional Vietnamese village

Thổ Hà village is situated on the bank of Cầu River, about 50km from Hà Nội, in Bắc Giang province. Many years ago Tho Ha is one of the poor provinces in northern Vietnam.

Village kid

Thổ Hà village used to be famous for the ceramic products, along with Bát Tràng and Phù Lãng ceramic villages. The ceramic works in Thổ Hà village lasted 8 centuries, from the 12th to 20th centuries. Since 1980 to date, the traditional work no longer existed and the locals changed to make rice papers and noodles, as well as raising pigs and making rice wine


All photos by Thai Meo

To visit the place, tourist needs to take a local ferry to cross Cầu River.You will discover here a real country life with the special walls have attracted film producers, painters, and photographers.

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