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Noong Lake – the wild romantic beauty of nature

Noong Lake-Ha GiangNoong Lake is located on the Tay Con Linh Mountain Range, Phu Linh Commune, Vi Xuyen District, 15km from Ha Giang. Visiting the lake, tourists not only enjoy the wild romantic beauty of nature, but also learn more about the customs, culture and daily lives of the Tay, Mong and Dao ethnic groups.

From Ha Giang, going through forests, terraced fields and hamlets of the Tay, Mong and Dao people, tourists arrive in Noong Lake that runs around the foot of Noong Mountain. This natural lake has a total area of water surface of over 20ha in dry season and 80ha in rainy season. It is surrounded by mountains and primitive forests of over 700ha. Under the sun or on moonlit nights, the lake’s water surface is twinkling and seems to be silver-inlaid. Therefore, the locals called it the forest’s “eye”.

Here, tourists seem to be lost in a fairy world. At sunrise, mist and early sunbeams spread over the lake while at sunrise the lake is covered by a thin layer of mist. During this time, tourists will have a feeling of total relaxation, getting rid of all the sadness and worries of daily life.

The lake experiences two seasons, dry and rainy. In rainy season, the water of the lake rises high so tourists can go sightseeing using a dugout around the lake. In dry season when the water level is low, the locals raise ducks and geese in the lake. The locals’ life is very simple. Everyday they catch fish together on the lake and their laughter echo in the area.

(Source: VNP)

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