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Natural beauty of Vietnam on BBC

Vietnam on BBC has a rustic but fascinating beauty with rivers, mountains, sidewalk tea shops, street vendors and flows of motorbikes.

11-1024x680 Natural beauty of Vietnam on BBCThe relatively peaceful floating market of Cai Rang at early dawn.
Traders carry watermelons, pineapples and beets to small boats.

44-LCS-82-1024x576 Natural beauty of Vietnam on BBCThe terraced fields and mountains covered with fog in Sapa, northwest
Vietnam always make viewers be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.
Those who go to Sapa can walk on trails to explore everyday life and
experience the unpredictable weather changes here.

31-1024x682 Natural beauty of Vietnam on BBCHanoi is the capital, thousands of years old, which converges all the
quintessential beauty of the country with many ancient house,
tangled small streets. On each street, vendors sell everything from fruit
to  to souvenir photos for tourists and locals.

Untitled-13 Natural beauty of Vietnam on BBC

More than 2,000 limestone islands have made the unique beauty to help
Halong Bay become one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches.

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