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Christmas spirit accross streets in Vietnam

Although there will be five days more for Christmas Day, the exciting atmosphere of Christmas has filled the streets from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City with striking colours and decorations.
ho-chi-minh-christmas-300x200 Christmas spirit accross streets in Vietnam In Ho Chi Minh City, major streets such as Dong Khoi, Hai Ba Trung, Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Hung Dao were covered with lights and Merry Christmas decorations.
Saigon Tax Trade Centre, which attracts many visitors on holidays and festivals, has been decorated with distinguished features of different countries such as France, Egypt, Italy and Vietnam.
Not only locals but also international tourists are interested to see images displayed in Vietnamese hotels and streets during the Christmas holiday season. Mr. Ambrey, a French traveler said, “I can not imagine that I can see images of my country here. Watching the Christmas scenery in Vietnam makes me miss my hometown and family.”

Most high-rise buildings, hotels and restaurants are decorated with signs of Christmas. The upcoming Christmas holiday at Kenh Dao Area, Phu My Hung New Urban Area, has brought a bustling atmosphere for people.
Streets in Nha Trang City, central Khanh Hoa Province, are also exciting and colourful with sparkling trees, symbols of Santa, lights, and children who are wearing Christmas clothes. The cooler weather seems to make it feel even more like Christmas.
Lights, pipe trees, reindeer and Santa Claus are also being largely displayed in streets in Hue City, central Thua Thien-Hue Province. The weather in Hue has been very nice with warm sun in the daytime with cooler temperatures at night, encouraging locals to flock to the streets to welcome Christmas early.
Hotels, supermarkets and restaurants have been decorated with themes of Christmas. “Recently, more customers have come to our supermarket, boosting the sales,” a salesclerk at Big C Supermarket shared.
Many young people have come to big stores and supermarkets to buy gifts for their friends and relatives and shopping has been on the rise.

Source: footprintsvietnam.com

Some photos of Christmas spirit in Vietnam streets:

Hanoi – Hang Ma street

hanoi-christmas-300x225 Christmas spirit accross streets in Vietnam


hue-christmas-300x224 Christmas spirit accross streets in Vietnam

Nha Trang

nha-trang-christmas-300x200 Christmas spirit accross streets in Vietnam

Giong festival

UNESCO officially honoured Vietnam’s Giong festival as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at a meeting of its Inter-Governmental Committee in Nairobi, Kenya, on November 16.

The Giong Festival is held annually in Phu Dong village, Gia Lam district, Hanoi, on the 9th day of the 4th month of the lunar calendar. The date commemorates Saint Giong who defeated An invaders. In order to show their gratitude to the hero of Giong Village, who sacrificed his life to fight the invaders, people have proclaimed him Saint Giong.

You could arrange your Vietnam tour to enjoy this festival during the February 2011, please talk to our vietnam travel consultants for more information.

Please look below video Giong festival:

Vietnam wonderful trip!

By Alan & Carol Woodruff, Bathurst NSW Australia
 Vietnam wonderful trip!

We travelled to Vietnam with Footprint in March 2010 and can thoroughly recommend the company in every respect.
In planning our itinerary, Footprint was extremely helpful with its suggestions and provided timely responses to our questions. We were delighted with the custom made trip that the staff put together, and we were so pleased that we decided to book through a local Vietnam travel company rather than a large international one.

From the friendly welcome on our arrival in Hanoi to the tearful farewells we can honestly say that this trip was a blast.
Everything was perfectly organised by the office staff and the Footprint guides were knowledgeable and provided great insight into the Vietnamese way of life.

Travelling with our own guide was much more intimate and efficient than being in a large group and the arrangements went like clockwork.

Vietnam is a wonderful country to tour in. The people are warm and friendly, the food is fresh and delicious, and the sights are interesting and the scenery beautiful.If you’re thinking of touring this beautiful country, then what are you waiting for? Go to the Footprint web page now and start planning your holiday, you won’t be disappointed. In fact you’ll be delighted, we were.

Footprint Vietnam travel gave us one of the best travel experiences we’ve ever had in our many years of travelling the world. Thank you to the wonderful staff and guides.

Karaoke singing

Forget everything and enjoy yourself with the lyrics of songs – that’s karaoke singing.

Karaoke is a Japanese word, made up of abbreviations of two other Japanese words. “Kara” comes from the word “karappo”, meaning empty. “Oke” comes from the word “okesutura”, meaning orchestra. So “Karaoke” literally means empty orchestra. Karaoke players play the music of the songs, without the lead vocals. So empty orchestra means you get the music without the voices.

Karaoke is considered as popular culture in Vietnam. It is not difficult to find a karaoke bar in Vietnam. Karaoke does not care if you are boy or girl, young or old. Just say  – “Have a go”- If you want, you can take your family or your friends to Karaoke bar or you can rent a private Karaoke room for your groups.

Karaoke is one way to reduce stress or show your emotions through the songs with no embarrassment. Whether singers perform well or not, they still receive the applause from the audiences.Sometimes, it becomes an extremely fun event for the  singers and the listeners when the singers have the opportunity to unleash theirselves  he listeners get to enjoy the painful yet “entertaining” comedy that ensues.

Here are some video clips of Karaoke singing I have updated from Son’s Birthday the last week. Let’s enjoy.

Put your all into Karaoke

Age is not limited in Karaoke singing

About the person in the “Footprint Story”

son1 About the person in the  Footprint Story Have you read about the “Footprint Story”? I guess many friends who are closely associated with Footprint have always known about that story – the story about the ideal for a company built on pride, honesty, passion and adventure. I advise you not to miss the chance to read it if you want to know more about Footprint. However, today I am telling about the person who wrote that story. He is one of the older brothers of the Footprint family, the person we all have ever known – His name is Son.

Son’s life seems to be bound up with the “Footprint Story”. Son was born and has grown up in Thai Binh province, a province not far from Hanoi center, famous for Cheo singing. Finishing high school in Thai Binh, he studied at Hanoi Open University. He is one of the former students of the Faculty of Tourism of Hanoi Open University  from the  very beginning. With a passion for traveling, he and his friend (Thanh) worked with other companies as guides and tour operators, paying off student loans and saving money to start their own company – Footprint Vietnam Travel. Nine years have passed since the company was founded. Their company had its ups and downs. The Footprint members have changed so much; however he is still optimistic about Footprint’s business. Telling us at a meeting during the current difficult economic period, he said: “Footprint team’s spirit, it will help us to overcome the present difficulties”. In fact, we learn from Son, the person who has always spent his whole life working.

At Marketing Online he always reminds me that – we are a local Vietnam Tour operator with special product. Our mission is to bring value to clients’ trips. We focus on responsible travel; We strive to travel in a way that respects culture, protects our environment and supports the communities we visit. I think that  his inspiration to found the Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC) where he is president has started from that notion of travel. I trust that having chosen and started in the right direction, Son will be successful.

A person of determination and discipline at work, Son is at at the same time quite simple civilian life. He lives in harmony with everyone. He makes us feel that he is not the Manager, but in stead is our colleague, the elder brother in our Footprint family, the person you can share everything with. Today is Son’s birthday. On behalf of  the Footprint family during the weekend, I would like to give him the best wishes for his life and his work.

(As the special thing for Son’s birthday, Footprint family had small party for Son at weekend. To share with Son and Footprint family, do not miss the video at the next blog I will soon post).

He hasn’t left Footprinters’ hearts

Unforgetable holiday Summer of Minh and his small family in Hoa Binh

Minh's small family on 2009 Summer holiday in Hoa Binh

I am referring to Minh Blogger. Not many people may know him but he was one of very important persons at Footprint. Minh blogger worked in Information Technology at  the Marketing Online Dept for more than four years at Footprint. With his passion for IT field, he has left Footprint to study more about his major field. However, he still supports Footprint travel – online as the Seo expert For us, although he has left us, he is still the best IT person in Footprinters’s hearts.

Minh joined the member of Footprinters in 2005. He lives in Bac Ninh province – the original homeland of “Quan ho” folk songs, 30 km from Hanoi Center. With the love for Footprint Travel, he commute 2 hours by bus from Bac Ninh to Hanoi everyday. At Marketing Online, I am sure that you could not find  a better IT guy like Minh Blogger.  The entire office agreed that as quiet as he was, he made digital harmony, playing and fine tuning his favorite instrument  the PC. The only noise he made was the rhythmic striking of his computer keys. Not only a musician, Minh was also a doctor, curing all viruses at their first sign or symptom. Minh could easily spend all day working away, designing and re-designing the Footprint website or developing new programs to make everyone’s life a little easier. Minh has a strong passion for IT and footprint. That is why we always used to the chance to be updated with the latest IT or football news information from Minh at break times.

I can describe Minh at Footprint office through three words: Enthusiastic, helpful, humorous. At home, Minh already has a small family with one daughter. Minh’s character can be described in two words: Thoughtful, love for his family. Minh invited us to visit his small family in Bac Ninh on the Lim festival occasion. We had a cozy meal at Minh’s house. Minh has a beautful and capable wife who gave us a good meal with special Bacninh dishes.

Apart from studying computer programming, Minh may have more time for his small family but he still has some time for Footprint to supporting us online. Sometimes we may have disagreements at work but Minh always gives me clear explanations by his experience he has. I now write this blog to let you know about Minh – one hidden member of Footprinters. Also I would like to thank you so much Mr Minh. You know, you are still the best IT guy in Footprinters’s heart.


Happy Vietnam Liberation Day!

If you travel to Vietnam on recent days, you will see the new changes on the streets from everywhere in Vietnam. The banners and National flags are shown to greet you to our country. You know, we are celebrating for the
the 35th anniversary of the liberation of the south and national reunification (1975 – 2010). It marks the end of the Vietnam War after 25 years.

Many activities are held during Vietnam Liberation day such as: the meeting anniversary for Liberation day, the exhibitions of photos and documents about Ho Chi Minh City’s achievements over the last 35 years, the Festival of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups at the Cultural Park of Ethnic Group, the Tourism Festival 2010 and a music festival…….Most of activities attract many people.

It falls at the weekend, Vietnamese people have more days off for relaxing or gathering at home. Traveling to somewhere is the one way Vietnamese usually choose. However it is difficult to book Vietnam tours or overseas tours on recent days if you did not have plan for your trip since many days before. To get out of the noise of City some one choose  to relax at beaches such as: Nha Trang beach, Halong bay or Muine, Hoian……

Celebrate the Vietnam liberation day, Footprint family had a special buffet lunch at Hoa Binh hotel. It is not far from our office for walking, Hoa Binh hotel seem to be on of good address for the small groups’s party or office staffs. We were quite pleasure with the atmosphere there and would like to thank you Mr Son for his special ideal to celebrate the Vietnam Liberation Day.

What about you? How will you celebrate for Vietnam Liberation Day?

Special promtion tours 2010

package18days-intro Special promtion tours 2010 Summer is about to be here. What have you planned for your trip with your friends and your family? Like the popular trend of travelers, will you take cruise tour to Halong or just choose one of beautiful beaches such Muine or Nha Trang some days? Or just simply getaway the rush of noise city at weekend? Anyway, do not miss this great news before giving your choice. As the special present for clients, Footprint Vietnam Travel are offering “Summer discount” program for many Vietnam tours up to 17%.

This discount program will be applied to any booking made from May to the end of August 2010. The departure can be any time of this year 2010.Discounts are applied for the services as indicated in the programs, changes of the hotels or services might enjoy a different level of discount. A personal customized trip made from Trip Planner form will enjoy from 5 to maximum 10% of discount.

List of tour discount is up to 21 tours ( Look the list of discount tours here). If the other tours you like to be not listed, please talk to one of Footprint travel’s consultants to plan your trip and ask for a discount.

“Hot pot” made in Footprint

When I introduce myself about my job, I usually tell my friends proudly that: I am working for Footprint Vietnam Travel- that is a local Vietnam tour operator with offering value-filled custom-made tour packages to destinations throughout Vietnam. Some my friends tease me and smilingly ask gain: what? Which is food company are you in? That’s a small kidding. However  what I do not want to joke you about one special food at Footprint Travel- “hot pot”.  I have tried it.  That’s  the most delicious I have ever known and may exist just at Footprint.

hotpot-fooprint-300x166 Hot pot made in Footprint
Let’s cheer!

“Hot pot” – is one kind of popular food in Vietnam in winter. . Hot pot usually consists of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. You can put many type of meats, and veggies you desire. The cooked food is usually eaten with a dipping sauce or fish sauce mixed with other ingredients (depending kind of meats or vegetable you eat). “Hot pot” is served at seat while it is steaming hot. That is why enjoying “hot pot” is a perfect choice in chilly weather.

Hot pot at Footprint office is Mr Thanh’ great idea- Our Sale Manager. One day he came the office and said: today I will have two special things for all of you. Firstly, we will enjoy lunch with ” lau” at our office but not at restaurant as usual. Secondly, I will cook myself. How a surprising news! Everybody buzzed how he could do meanwhile “hot pot” needed much time to have a good broth. However, just 30 minutes, Mr Thanh had already done and invited us enjoy it. Wow! we did not believe our eyes. The “hot pot” was so wonderful with special tastes. That was the end of year party occasion. Like me, everybody ate so much happily. In fact, that was the most delicious I ate. Then Mr Thanh shared with us the secret of cooking ” hot pot” from the ingredient he chose. I think that the secret of cooking  method is from the great skill of our Manager  which not many people have. Keeping open-minded with everyone, Mr Thanh always gives a good chance for all staffs to gather and talk in spirit team. That is the best thing not many travel agents can do.

On some special occasion, we usually cook ” hot pot” at the kitchen in our office. Some people may think that it is inconvenient . It should be better to go outside for “hot pot” at deluxe restaurant like Ki Chi Ki Chi or at ” hot pot” street – Ham Thuyen street. Personally I think cooking is so exciting. If you visit Footprint family  and enjoy “hot pot” with us, that’s the feeling fun and unique party meal you can not forget.

welcome back to Footprint

hana welcome back to Footprint

Hana- the beautiful and smiling girl on cyclo

Hana Huyen has just come back with Footprint on Tuesday after couple of months. She is so busy with her job. Taking the opportunity at break time, I had a short conversation with Hana.

1. How are you doing, Hana?
– Hi Huyen, I am well. Thanks

2. Are you happy with the present job?
– Yes, I am. It has been long time since I worked at my favorite job in tourism. I believe that I would decided  on the right position as a Travel Consultant.

3. What brings you back Footprint Vietnam Travel?
– When I left Footprint for couple months, someone said that “The office isn’t the same without you and we are not going to say goodbye and not see you again. We will be seeing you!”. I love the meaning of those sentences. Maybe I still have a long-sealed Fate with Footprint!

4. Can you tell me what is thing that most attracts you  to Footprint Vietnam Travel?
-I like one “Big family” and Footprint brings me in as part of the Footprint Family. Here, they make me feel comfortable and safe. Everybody is friendly and warm.

5. How do you feel after coming back Footprint?
– There is no better feeling than coming back to my family. I got again an especially warm welcome from all Footprint members. This made me so happy and gave much encouragement for work.

6. Being back at Footprint, why do you want to continue as Travel Consultant?
– Being a Travel Consultant is the next best thing to traveling myself. I can combine my love of travel with a flexible and profitable career. In one day I can plan an itinerary for going to many countries around the world. On the other hand, working as Travel Consultant takes me step-by-step through what I need to know to become a Travel Agent and start my own travel agency in the future. That is my future ambition.

7. Can you share with us your Job’s objectives in the near future
– Yes, I myself had a new experience for a short time in venture far from Footprint. I hope this experience will be useful for forming a new plans and objectives. As far as my work is concerned, I hope I will make good decisions to improve the way I work as Travel Consultant to attract more and more customers to Footprint and to help us be an even a stronger team than we were before.

8. Some personal things…. will you be  giving  us “happy news” this year?
– I am planning to get married soon but currently have not found any life partner yet (Hana just smiles)

Thank you Hana. We wish for the success of your new plans at Footprint. Especially, we will be excited to hear the “ happy news” from you at the end of this year.